The days of slow and inefficient storage are a thing of the past with the NetApp® AFF A250 all-flash storage array. This state-of-the-art system is an entry-level end-to-end NVMe solution, featuring NVMe SSDs on the back end and NVMe over FC (NVMe/FC) host connectivity on the front end. Compared to its predecessor, the AFF A220 array, the AFF A250 array is simpler, faster, and more efficient, delivering a whopping 45% increase in performance and 33% more storage efficiency. With the AFF A250, you can accelerate demanding applications, consolidate more workloads in a shared environment, and reduce your data center costs. In addition, it supports lightning-fast client connectivity on an entry-class system, such as 32Gb FC and 25GbE. The AFF A250 is built on the latest NetApp ONTAP® release, ONTAP 9.8, which improves cloud integration and simplifies data management across the hybrid cloud. Best of all, you won't have to pay extra for these new benefits; the price of the AFF A250 is similar to that of the previous model, the AFF A220.

To meet the demand for rapid, secure, and uninterrupted data access, agile and efficient IT infrastructure is essential for organizations that rely on data-driven decision-making.. To undertake an effective IT transformation, it is crucial to modernize your infrastructure by implementing all-flash storage, which can enhance the speed and responsiveness of critical business applications. However, first-generation flash systems may not be able to deliver the extreme performance required by new workloads such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL). Furthermore, as more organizations adopt a "cloud-first" strategy, they need enterprise-grade data services that can function across both on-premises data centers and the cloud. Therefore, modern all-flash arrays should provide robust data services, integrated data protection, seamless scalability, and elevated levels of performance, as well as comprehensive application and cloud integration. NetApp® AFF A-Series systems, powered by ONTAP, offer cloud-connected flash storage solutions that enable IT departments to leverage modern cloud technologies to transform their infrastructure quickly and support data-driven strategies. These systems deliver industry-leading performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data services and cloud integration to help organizations accelerate, manage, and protect their business-critical data in the hybrid cloud.
• AFF is relied upon by a diverse customer base, spanning from midsize businesses to large enterprises.
• Streamline operations with effortless data management, both on-premises and in the cloud.
• Enhance the performance of existing and emerging applications.
• Ensure the continuous availability, protection, and security of business-critical data.

The AFF A-Series systems, whether they are entry-level or high-end, are designed to support end-to-end NVMe technologies. This includes NVMe-attached SSDs, as well as front-end host connectivity for both NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC) and NVMe over TCP (NVMe/TCP). As a result, these systems offer the lowest latency available for an enterprise all-flash array, making them an excellent option for running the most demanding workloads and AI/DL applications. By performing a straightforward software upgrade to the modern NVMe/FC or NVMe/TCP SAN infrastructure, you can run more workloads with faster response times, without any disruption or data migration.
Key benefits

Accelerate applications
• Accelerate your critical applications using a lightning-fast, end-to-end NVMe enterprise all-flash array.
• Run artificial intelligence and machine learning applications with the industry's lowest latency.
• Support twice as many workloads and reduce application response times by half using a modern, NVMe-based SAN infrastructure.

Lower your data center expenses.
• Reduce your data center's physical footprint by storing up to 2PB of data in a compact 4U system.
• Save up to 5 to 10 times on SSD storage with inline data reduction technologies. • Significantly reduce power and cooling requirements, rack space, and support costs.

Simplify IT operations
• Streamline data services across SAN and NAS environments, on-premises and in the cloud.
• Set up and configure a complete system and start serving data within 10 minutes.
• Protect your data with industry-leading integrated data protection and seamless cloud backup and recovery.

AFF technical specifications

AFF A900 AFF A800 AFF A400 AFF A250 AFF A150
Maximum scale-out 2–24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2–24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2–24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2–24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2–24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
Maximum SSDs 5,760 2,880 5,760 576 864
Maximum effective capacity1 702.7PB 316.3PB 702.7PB 35PB 26PB
Per-system specifications (active-active dual controller)
Controller form factor 8U 4U with 48 SSD slots 4U 2U with 24 SSD slots 2U with 24 SSD slots
PCIe expansion slots 20 8 10 4 n/a
FC target ports (32Gb autoranging) 64 32 24 16 n/a
FC target ports (16Gb autoranging) 64 32 32 (with FC mezzanine card) n/a n/a
FCoE target ports, UTA2 64 n/a n/a n/a 8
100GbE ports (40GbE autoranging) 32 20 16 4 n/a
40GbE ports (can be 4x 10GbE) n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
25GbE ports (10GbE autoranging) 64 16 16 16 n/a
10GbE ports 64 32 32 n/a 4
10Gbase-T (1GbE autoranging) 64 n/a 16 4 4
12Gb/6Gb SAS ports 64 n/a 32 4 4
Storage networking NVMe/TCP, NVMe/FC, FC, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/ SMB, Amazon S3 NFSv4/RDMA, NVMe/ TCP, NVMe/FC, FC, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB, Amazon S3 NFSv4/RDMA, NVMe/ TCP, NVMe/FC, FC, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB, Amazon S3 NVMe/TCP, NVMe/FC, FC, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/ SMB, Amazon S3 NVMe/TCP, FC, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB, Amazon S3
OS version ONTAP 9.10.1 RC2 or later ONTAP 9.7 RC1 or later ONTAP 9.7 RC1 or later ONTAP 9.8 RC1 or later ONTAP 9.12.1P1 or later
Shelves and media NS224 (2U, 24 drives, SFF NVMe); DS224C (2U, 24 drives, 2.5" SFF); DS2246 (2U, 24 drives, 2.5", SFF) NS224 (2U, 24 drives, SFF NVMe); DS224C (2U, 24 drives, 2.5" SFF); DS2246 (2U, 24 drives, 2.5", SFF) NS224 (2U, 24 drives, SFF NVMe); DS224C (2U, 24 drives, 2.5" SFF); DS2246 (2U, 24 drives, 2.5", SFF) NS224 (2U, 24 drives, SFF NVMe); DS224C (2U, 24 drives, 2.5" SFF) DS224C (2U, 24 drives, 2.5" SFF)
Host/client OS supported Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Linux, Oracle Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, macOS, VMware, ESX

1. Effective capacity is based on 5:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed. The actual ratio can be higher depending on workloads and use cases.
2. The AFF A250 only supports 100GbE ports on external NVMe storage.

AFF A Series software

Data access protocols
  • FC, iSCSI, NVMe/FC, NVMe/TCP, FCoE, NFS, SMB, Amazon S3
  • High availability
  • Active-active and symmetric active-active (SAN-only) host connectivity
  • Nondisruptive maintenance, upgrade, and scale-out clustering
  • Multisite resiliency for continuous data access
  • Storage efficiency
  • Inline data compression, deduplication, and compaction
  • Space-efficient LUN, file, and volume cloning
  • Automatic data tiering
  • Data management
  • Intuitive onboard GUI, REST APIs, and automation integration
  • AI-informed predictive analytics and corrective action
  • QoS workload control
  • Easy provisioning and data management from market-leading host operating systems, hypervisors, and application software
  • Scalable NAS
  • Large-scale single namespace management with local and remote caching
  • Data protection
  • Application-consistent Snapshot copies and restore capabilities
  • Integrated remote backup and disaster recovery
  • Synchronous zero-data-loss replication
  • Security and compliance
  • Automatic ransomware protection
  • Multifactor administrative access
  • Secure multitenant shared storage
  • In-flight and data-at-rest encryption
  • Regulatory-compliant data retention
  • Cloud integration
  • Seamlessly tier, back up, replicate, and cache data to private and public clouds
  • Move data between major public cloud services
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