Servermeile Colocation Datacenter Rack for Renting

The colocation rack is located in a specifically designed and secured colocation area of a Tier 3 data center (ISO-9001 and BSI/ISO-27001 certified). The product features include a high-quality 19" server and network cabinet secured with a lock, fully redundant and highly available internet connection up to 400Gbit/s. Managed firewall and DDOS protection are available upon request


• The dimensions are 600 x 1,200 (width x depth in millimeters) with 47 height units (HU)."
• "Electric power consumption from 3kW to 8kW per colocation rack can be selected, with additional power options available upon request.
• Power supply is redundant with 2 x 400V/16A (A- and B-power supply each 3-phase).
• Power distribution unit: two PDUs with 36xC13 & 6xC19 outlets.
• Pre-installed patch panel (1 HU) at the top level.
• Pre-cabling included in the basic equipment with 6 duplex ports (LC/PC) and single-mode fiber optic connection (OS2) to the patch panel. • 24/7 access.


Cross Connect is a single-mode fiber optic (OS2) connection between any two points on the Servermeile Datacenter NTT campus. Cross Connect is based on the Pre-Cabling product and enables fast deployment through the patch area.

• For point-to-point connections from room to room, room to rack or rack to rack.
• Physical handover on the customer side using a duplex port (E2000/APC, LC/PC or SC/PC) in the 19" patch panel (1HU).
• High-quality single-mode fiber optic (OS2) cables are used."


Get connected to our redundant network services and enjoy your new fast routing satisfaction. Choose from 1G, 10G, 100G and 400G Internet Connection and benefit from managed Firewall protection and managed DDOS Protection
• Single to Dual Fiber Internet Connection from 1G to 400G
• Selectable IPv4 and IPv6 network adresses up to
• Managed Firewall and DDOS protection bookable by request
• Directly connected to T1 Internet Backbones like Deutsche Telekom and other well-proven ISP
• Short distances to Peering Partner BCIX, ECIX

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