Servermeile is a German company that provides a range of professional IT services for business customers, including high-available and high-performance cloud server, experienced firewall services and efficient datacenter solutions. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Berlin, Germany. Servermeile's focus is now on providing reliable and affordable cloud solutions with high-end IT-Security efforts to medium-sized to large businesses in Germany and beyond. Servermeile has a reputation for excellent customer service and technical support, and it is committed to using sustainable energy sources for its data centers.

2003 – Servermeile was founded by Christian Gründemann (Dipl.- Wirtschaftsinformatiker)
2004 – Grounded a Retail Store for Computer Hardware
2005 – Launched an online shop for Server Hardware
2006 – Jens Kirchhof (Dipl. Ing. für Technische Informatik) joined the Servermeile Team
2007 - Launched a complex online server configurator.
2008 – Servermeile became a NetApp Solution Partner
2009 – Extended the server online configurator for Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic
2010 – Acquired the property in Berlin for business growth
2011 – First Datacenter experience at Alboinkontor and start hosting websites with an own Servermeile cloud cluster
2013 – Started renting racks in datacenters, Servermeile became an ISP
2014 – Servermeile became a member of RIPE NCC with an own Autonomous System (AS 57317)
2016 - We joined e-Shelter ISO-27001 Datacenter
2017 – Servermeile cloud cluster expansion to several datacenters
2018 - Expand business to cloud solutions and Software-as-a-Servce (Saas)
2018 – Servermeile became a Palo Alto Networks Partner
2020 - Servermeile became a Juniper Networks Partner
2022 – We joined NTT Datacenter Berlin 2 as a cloud company, Security experts and as an ISP
2023 – Servermeile launches a new website to fit all requirements and customer needs

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