Servermeile Datacenter Berlin – Two Times in Berlin North and Berlin South

Servermeile Berlin NTT Data Center North has a total of 11,700+m² of data center server space and a maximum of 17.1MW of IT load. We offer complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, high availability environment.

Servermeile Berlin NTT Data Center South is located just south of the city center and is 14km away from the existing Servermeile Berlin NTT Data Center North. With a total of 9,700+m² of data center server space and a maximum IT load of 24MW in building A and B, it offers complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, high availability environment.

Key Benefits of Servermeile Datacenter in Berlin


• Two power supplies at 10kV level from substations N+1 each with two feeds
• On-site substation delivering 17.1/24MVA of power
• Redundantly designed emergency power system with diesel generators N+1
• Separate, dual UPS systems (A- and B-supply) with 2N redundancy per data center buildin
• 17.1MW/24MVA of critical IT load, and on-site substation delivering 26MVA of power.
• 99.995% power uptime availability


• High efficient air-cooled chiller systems integrated free-cooling and own programmed, weather-dependent cooling energy management systems
• Concurrently maintainable AHUs providing fresh air pressurization and humidity control to data suites
• Heat recovery with heating pumps for pre-heating the emergency standby power systems

Fire protection

• Automatic digital fire alarm system on all levels with point and air aspiration detectors
• Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm Systems (VESDA) in the return air path
• Firefighting system based on a argon or nitrogen extinguishing gas system
• Fire protection walls to a minimum of 90 minutes separation


• 24/7 Security Operations Center and Operation Control Center
• Redundant monitoring of all critical functions underpinned by standardized security processes and the multilevel security zone principle, secures the rental area and the technical operation
• Palisade fencing supported by a security perimeter fence to protect the campus
• Video surveillance systems for the external perimeter, plant areas and data halls
• Ram-raid bollard protection in accordance to BS PAS 68:2013


• Servermeile offers high-available transit and peering connection to global T1 Carrier Network like Deutsche Telekom, BCIX, ECIX, Cogent and others
• Redundant Internet Uplink Ports up to 2 x 400G, 2 x 10G, 2 x 1G and non redundant 2 x 1G
• Servermeile operates a 24/7 NOC – Network Operating System to guarantee a stable, secure and fast internet network
• Servermeile offers DDOS Protection by request
• Please see our Professional Network Services for details

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