Servermeile Networking Services

Servermeile is a local German Internet Service Provider to provide internet services to customers in datacenters. We are responsible for routing internet traffic between the customer's device and the rest of the internet. To access our network only fiber technology is available.
Our Servermeile ISP network is a complex and dynamic system that requires constant monitoring and management to ensure optimal performance and uptime. We continuously invest in network infrastructure, hardware, and software to provide reliable and high-quality internet services to our customers. Our core network uses high-speed links and advanced routing protocols like BGP to ensure efficient traffic routing and minimize congestion.

Internet Connection

Physical Fiber Internet Connection in data centers in Berlin

Our customers get well connected with the following physical internet connections
o Simplex/Duplex 1G (LC/SC/E2000/APC) single-mode fiber connection with optional LACP (always separate VLAN)
o Simplex/Duplex 10G (LC/SC/E2000/APC) single-mode fiber connection with optional LACP (always separate VLAN)
o Simplex/Duplex 100G (LC/SC/E2000/APC) single-mode fiber connection (always separate VLAN)
o Simplex/Duplex 400G (LC/SC/E2000/APC) single-mode fiber connection (always separate VLAN)


We offer classic IP-Transit that provides Internet connectivity to your businesses and organizations in data centers. Connected to us you will receive a high-speed connection to the Servermeile Internet backbone, which is the core of the Internet. Our backbone is a network of interconnected networks that allows data to be transmitted across the Internet.

IP-Transit Billing

For billing purposes you can choose between a flat rate method oder a billing method using the 95/5 percentile method. Both billing methods are common used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to bill their customers for Internet connectivity services.


A Flatrate is a pricing model where our customers pay a fixed monthly fee for the internet connection, regardless of the amount of traffic usage. The advantage of a flatrate pricing model is that it provides predictability and simplicity for the customer, as they know exactly how much they will pay each month for the service, without worrying about overage charges or exceeding usage limits.


IP Peering is a method of interconnecting two or more networks to exchange traffic directly without the need to use a third-party network or transit provider. It is a mutual agreement between two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or networks to exchange traffic between their networks.

Servermeile peers to different IP Peering partners (IXP), e.g. BCIX, Berlin Internet Exchange. An IXP is a physical location where multiple ISPs or networks connect to exchange traffic. By connecting directly to an IXP, ISPs or networks can reduce latency, increase bandwidth, and reduce transit costs.

95/5 percentile billing

This 95/5 percentile billing method is based on the concept of measuring the amount of data transmitted over the network during a specific period, usually a month.

In the 95/5 percentile billing method, we measures the amount of data transmitted between the customer's network and the Internet during the billing period. The Servermeile then sorts this data in order from the highest to the lowest usage, and then discards the highest 5% of the usage data. The remaining 95% of the usage data is then used to determine the customer's bill.

The purpose of discarding the highest 5% of usage data is to prevent the impact of any unusual or irregular traffic on the customer's bill. This is because sometimes, the amount of data transmitted over the network may be unusually high for a short period, and this should not result in an overly high bill for the customer.

Internet Connection

We can secure the internet connection to protect you from various online threats such as malware, viruses, spam, phishing, and other forms of cyber attacks. We implement different types of internet protection services to provide our customers with a secure and safe internet experience. We are offering this service in datacenters, but we can directly connect your office internet connection to our datacenter as well. That means, all traffic will flow from your office to the protected datacenter and hence even your office internet connection can be well protected.Some common internet protection services we include:

Threat Protection: Servermeile offer antivirus and anti-malware protection to their customers to protect their devices and network from malware and viruses. This protection may be included as part of the internet package or provided as a separate service.

Firewall protection: Servermeile offers firewall protection to their customers to block unauthorized access to their devices or network. Firewalls can help protect against various types of cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks, phishing attacks, and malware.

Content filtering: Servermeile offer content filtering services to block access to websites and content that may be inappropriate or harmful. This can include filtering out websites with adult content, violence, Grayware, Games, Phising, Comand-and-Control, newly-registered-domain websites. Our customers can choose by their own which categories should be blocked.

DNS protection: We offer DNS protection services to protect their customers from DNS-related attacks such as DNS hijacking or DNS spoofing.

Vulnerability protection: Firewall vulnerability protection enables the firewall to identify and block potential vulnerabilities in the network, applications, or devices. Vulnerabilities are weaknesses or flaws in software or hardware that can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to a network or system. We can protect you against e.g. log4j or Exchange Bugs.

Decryption: Servermeile can decrypt inbound and outbound traffic to analyse even encrypted traffic for malware or vulnerability attacks.

High-Availibility & Reliability Network

Our high-available and reliable internet network ensures maximum uptime and availability of internet connectivity with minimum downtime. With Servermeile you can rely heavily on the internet for your important day-to-day operations.
Our high-available and reliable internet network have redundant router and switches. All components are redundant to ensure that if one component fails, there is another one available to take over, minimizing downtime. Load balancing is used to distribute traffic across multiple servers, ensuring that no single server or router is overloaded. This prevents a single point of failure and helps to ensure maximum uptime and availability.We are using QoS to prioritize network traffic, ensuring that mission-critical applications receive the required bandwidth and that non-essential traffic does not interfere with important traffic.
Our high-available and reliable internet network is supervised 24/7 to ensure that any issues are detected and resolved quickly. This includes monitoring network performance, uptime, and availability by our Servermeile NOC Center.

Servermeile Network Operation Center (NOC)

The Servermeile Network Operations Center (NOC) is located in Berlin where we are monitoring our network‘s infrastructure. Our NOC is responsible for ensure that our network is operating at peak efficiency, and that any issues or outages are quickly identified and resolved.

The primary functions of a our Servermeile NOC include:

Network Monitoring:
The Servermeile NOC team uses specialized software tools to monitor our network infrastructure for performance issues, security threats, and other anomalies. They keep a close eye on network traffic, server and device uptime, and other critical metrics to ensure that the Servermeile network is operating smoothly.

Incident Management:
If an issue is identified, the Servermeile NOC team is responsible for quickly identifying the root cause and implementing a resolution. This may involve communicating with other IT teams or external vendors to troubleshoot the issue and restore normal operations.

Change Management:
The NOC team is responsible for managing changes to the network infrastructure, such as software updates, hardware upgrades, and network configuration changes. They ensure that changes are carefully planned and tested to minimize the risk of disruption or downtime.

Our NOC team produces regular reports on network performance, incidents, and other metrics to help IT managers make informed decisions about network infrastructure and resource allocation.

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